Course Category Rankings

1) Course Conditioning

From tee to green, how well manicured is the course? We keep a close eye on consistency of the greens, transition from fairways to rough, condition of hazards, and more. We hold a very high standard here so very few courses score perfect in this category.

2) Course Craftsmanship

A true craftsman has the creativity of an artist and the precision of a surgeon. A talented team with contrasting skills is required to create a course with clever routing that seamlessly blends into the natural landscape and contours of the land with enough hole design variety. What’s most important here are the subtleties of the course and attention to detail put forth from the design and architecture teams.

3) Aesthetics & Views

Great scenery alone can sometimes turn a good course into a great course and you don’t need to be a golfer to know a recognize a good view. Although, it usually takes a discerning golfer to appreciate the beauty and aesthetic of the golf course itself. Courses in close proximity to the ocean, those with elevated tee boxes, sandy soil, or compelling vegetation have an added advantage here.

4) Staff & Caddies

The lads in your foursome can make or break a golf experience…but so can the staff and the caddies which are of equal value here. A friendly staff and having an experienced caddy that can save you a stroke or two is also an added bonus.

5) Amenities & Hospitality

It’s more than just the clubhouse with this category. Everything from the locker room, pro shop, food and drinks, comfort stations, on and off course amenities, lodging, and overall service gets factored in. The courses that score perfect 10s in this category evoke a special feeling as you step foot onto the property for the first time.

6) Memorability

1 week, 1 year, 1 decade from now…how vividly will you be able to remember the course and the overall experience? The courses that can stand out from the rest and make for good stories for years to come score well in this category.

7) Fun Shots

Island green on a par 3. Tee-shot through a canyon. Drivable par 4’s. You get the point. These are the shots that get your heart beating in anticipation. While some resort courses score well in this category, the courses that truly excel here are those with enough elevation changes and terrain variety. They also offer up strategic routing that provide risk-reward opportunities without feeling like it was overdone, or too gimicky.

8) It-Factor

That thing you can’t explain. Some courses have it. Most courses don’t.

9) Course Pedigree

Hosted multiple major championships? Renowned designer and architect? Those scoring perfect 10’s in this category are the household name courses and iconic venues with storied histories and enduring traditions.

10) Club Peculiarity

Club peculiarities are the distinguishing characteristics and oddities of a club that give it it’s allure and mystique. Unique club policies and rules, particular membership requirements, and rounds played per year are just some of the criteria we consider in this category.