About US

The Pin Seekers are three best friends on a journey to play the top 100 greatest golf courses in America according to the Golf Digest 2017-2018 ranking list.

Player Overviews:

jordan profile.jpg.pngzach profile.pngalex prfile.png

Progress Report:

Pin Seeker Status Top 100 % Complete Status Top 200 % Complete
Jordan 24/100 24% 41/200 21%
Zach 21/100 21% 33/200 17%
Alex 18/100 18% 29/200 15%
Full Team 12/100 12% 20/200 10%

See the Top 100
See the Top 101-200

If you have any questions, need course recommendations, may know a connection at any of the courses still on our list, or if there’s anything we can do to help you, please reach out to thepinseekers100@gmail.com.

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